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How to get ranked first on google in 3 hours or less

Do you think ranking on the first page of google is a rocket science? If you feel confused and deprived from free organic search results, then you need to reevaluate your SEO strategies and to change your focus.

Ranking first on google is not the Holy Grail or a super-duper revolutionary software madness. Ranking first on google is not a black hat SEO or a white  hat SEO scenario.

Moreover, l discovered that there is still enough free space on the web for every wise blogger to succeed. Come with me too see together how you can get ranked first on google in 3 hours or less, easily and without too much effort.


How to get ranked first on google in 3 hours or less – YouTube Video Proof


How to get ranked first on google in 3 hours or less – How To Guide

So are you anxious to learn what l have done this Sunday morning and l ranked first on Google? It is a funny story but l will tell you in every detail.

I was writing a post in my fine Internet Business blog named 10 things l hate most in blogging. Before l started writing the post, my imagination blocked for a while and l thought it was a good idea to make some research in google about the topic. So, l typed 10 things l hate most in blogging and guess ho was ranking first?

My very own YouTube video: 10 things l hate most in blogging !

l was astonished that this long tail keyword l had  accidentally typed in google search engine and pick up as a post title was the secret keyword for ranking first in google!

l forgot to mention that before finishing my post, l just shot a quick small and ugly video in order to make more impact to you. After uploading the video on my YouTube Channel, l was ready to embed the code and included it in my blog post. I found the video ugly and not good myself and l was ready to delete it, but the search engines had different opinion!

If l, a not native english speaker and not so experienced marketer, managed to rank first on google, then what will happen to you if you follow my personal advice, a sharp and english native speaker? What do you think? Your blog traffic will explode! Definitely!

So let’s go back to the basics. Here are the steps l have followed to get ranked first on google and this is what exactly you have to do to get ranked first on google in 3 hours or less:


How to get ranked first on google in 3 hours or less – Steps

Step 1:

Pick up a long tail keyword you want to rank in google. For instance: 10 things l hate most in blogging

Step 2:

Produce a small video about the topic of the blog post you want to write about and give exactly the same video name with your blog post.

Step 3:

Upload the video to YouTube and Vimeo. It is important to create your own YouTube Channel and Vimeo Channel. Vimeo Channel is your alternative solution if YouTube attempt to put an end in your video marketing career. It happened to many other people, so take precautions not to happen to you.

Step 4:

Provide the video a link pointing back to your blog post. Do not insert a generic link to your site, but insert the exact blog post link or to the landing page you would like to promote.

Step 5:

Finish your blog post adding at least one photo and including the video you shot. You can simply use the embedded YouTube code.

Step 6:

Post your blog post. Your blog post should be at least 700 words long, well formated, well written and in simple language.

Step 7:

Finally, write a second blog post about your success, using the same recipe. Pick up again a long tail keyword, produce a small video on YouTube, write a post pointing back to the previous blog post, etc.

Step 8:

You are done! Shake your coffee, drink your fredo and rejoice! Your job is done for today! Well done!

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