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Earn 100€ per day with Crypto even in bear market!

Earn 100€ per day with Crypto even in bear market!

Hello everyone!

How to earn 100€ per day with crypto or better how to make 100€ or dollars per day passively with crypto every night while you sleep.

I used this expression, because I wanted to emphasize that I make money every night while I sleep.

I am Yannis Divramis, I am a blockchain developer and also a crypto investor and the owner of Paramarketing.

Today I will show you a very easy and simple way to earn money on the crypto market.

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Before everything, let’s get into the crypto market.

Now we are in the bear phase.

I need to pinpoint the disclaimer.

I’ve studied Accounting and Finance, but I am not a financial advisor.

This is only for educational purposes and recreational purposes.

I am going to show what I did myself, but I don’t advise you to invest money.

So if you want to listen, let’s dive into the crypto market.

How can you earn money from crypto while we are in the bear market?

The usual way is to buy and hold, but this is not the method we use.

The best way to get rich with crypto is to use the passive income method.

Passive income method requires investing, for instance 1.000€ or $.

The currencies are 1 to 1 so you don’t have issues from the transition from euros to dollars.

If you invest 1.000€ and you earn 10% passive income per month, then you are going to earn 100€ per month.

So if you scale up and invest 30.000€, you can make 3.000€ per month.

That means you will earn 100€ per day or night.

How can you achieve do this?

We can do this both ways.

The platform you will use is WEWE Global.

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WEWE Global is a global platform that supports many crypto services like crypto minting.

Crypto minting is like mining.

Unfortunately, mining doesn’t as huge returns as WEWE with 10% per month due to problems in mining, in hardware and in the algorithm.

How WEWE Global works?


WEWE is a global platform that can do the mining for you.

The company is headquartered in British Virgin islands.

It is a registered and legitimate company.

They give you receipts when you give money to them.

These receipts can be taken into consideration when you are doing the taxes in your country.

LYOPAY has its own native token that is named LYO credit.

LYO credit is a token that was created and built in the Binance chain.

With WEWE Global platform we can mint new LYO credit tokens by using the cloud minting platform that WEWE provides to us.

The process of renting a cloud minting server that does the hard work for us is called cloud minting.

WEWE uses proofing of concession algorithm that differs from the other algorithms.

It is called the proof of space algorithm.

What is the proof of space algorithm?


Proof of space is based on the space we can rent on the cloud server.

So, we are renting a cloud server space in WEWE Global platform with money.

Every day we earn LYO credit by minting new coins.

We can send the LYO credit token to Binance and convert it to bitcoin.

LYO credit is listed in Binance and in CoinMarketCap.

LYO credit has a very stable price.

LYOPAY does whatever it takes in order to keep the price stable and not fall down.

That’s why they pay us the 70% daily in LYO credit.

You can send it to Binance exchange in order to take the money and do whatever you want.

Also, you can turn it to BTC within the WEWE platform.

Then if you want you convert it to euros or dollars and send it on your bank.

All of 70% is paid daily and the 30% is kept by the company to support the token’s price.

That 30% is given back to us on the first 600 days.

How can you earn 10% per month and make 100€ or 100$ per day with WEWE Global?

1. By renting a cloud minting server

You can use some money there by renting a server.

You can buy the first package that starts from 500€.

But if you want to go bigger, you can also buy another package that costs 30.000€.

That means 3.000€ per month and 100€ per day.

This is the first of both ways.

2. Affiliate marketing program or referral program

The second way is the company’s affiliate program or referral program

Their affiliate marketing program has infinite depth.

They have multiple layers of other affiliates that you can refer to the company and take bonus from them.

At the moment, there are more than six bonuses.

There are money bonuses, money rewards, travelling, trips and other bonuses that have to do with faster minting of the coins.

When you buy a contract of 500 euros, you rent the space in the cloud server for 30 months.

Then, you are going to rent it again.

In the period of 30 month you will earn 1.500€ that means 3 times your money.

But if you refer other people to WEWE, you will go faster.

You will have higher minting speed that means you will earn the same money in 20 or 10 months.

The standard return on investment you can take is 10% per month.

But, that variates and depends on the people you refer in the company.

Is WEWE Global the best affiliate marketing chance or opportunity I’ve ever seen?

Is WEWE Global platform the best affiliate marketing I’ve ever seen?

I personally believe that it is the best platform for affiliate marketing.

Because when I went to Affiliate World Dubai  on late February – first of March there were many companies that are doing affiliate marketing.

The average affiliate marketer earns 50.000$ per month.

Their commissions range from 75 to 85%.

These are the commissions that ClickBank pays for instance or other platforms like Digistore of or MaxWeb.

The money that WEWE Global pays or the commissions range from 5 to 36%.

But it has to do with the network that you will build.

So there is the infinite bonus to every turn over that is been done after us.

This actually doesn’t happen on affiliate market.

You cannot refer other people to ClickBank or other companies and take commission because of them.

That is called overcommission and you won’t have it on other platforms.

So, it is a great opportunity to start using WEWE Global.

It is 100% on the Internet and you won’t have to do boring meetings and travelling in order to make money.

You can do it 100% on the Internet, so register in my newsletter and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

You will see more videos about WEWE Global!

This is our first video about WEWE, I know you have many questions.

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You can call me or send me a message on Telegram, Instagram, TikTok  or YouTube.

I will contact you back as soon as possible in order to help you with the registration and you will start earning money with WEWE immediately.

I am Yannis Divramis and I am glad you saw this video.

I will see you in the next video, bye!

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