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6 Mobile SEO Tips For Business

Search engine optimization or SEO is a bit different fro desktop and for mobile. After many changes in its core algorithm, Google has two different algorithms, one for mobile devices and one for the desktop computers.

So every website and every SEO webmaster has to do some extra work to optimize its website for mobile devices.

Below you can find some of the elements that every site owner or SEO specialist should integrate into its website or SEO strategy for better search results in mobile devices.

1 Do separate mobile keyword research

Mobile users, have different aspercts in their mind when it comes to mobile searches. Search terms are a bit different and more geolocated. For instance, in a mobile device when you are in Santorini, you can search for Hotels near me. This is not an option in a desktop device.

Studies show that 69% of keywords rank differently on mobile than they do on desktop.

Here are a few of the methods you can improve your keyword research and targeting for mobile:

2 You must think like a mobile user

A mobile visitor has differnet search needs in comparison with a desktop user and this is obvious. When the mobile phone is the extension of our hand, many searches are impulsive or happen due to external stimulation.

Try to act and think when you are doing your keyword research the proper keywords a mobile user with different intent has in mind.

3 Mobile first design


In this case, you need to adapt the titles and meta descriptions of all your existing pages to show well when someone visits your website with a mobile device.

You do not need two versions of the same website, but one single version that is mobile first and is optimized for mobile first indexing by Google and by the major search engines.

Since Google has rolled out its mobile first indexing algorithm update on March 26, 2018, every website has to be designed or redesigned to meet its guidelines.

4 Mobile friendly sites

When your website has an old or outdated web design, and it is not possible to redesign it from scratch, them you should at least use Mobile friendly practices. For instance,  45 characters is the best you can do in titles, instead of 60 or 70. And shorter meta descriptions are needed so the final user will can cope with your website.

According to Google Webmasters Blog, there are three tips that every webmaster should follow:

  • Having mobile-friendly content is still helpful for those looking at ways to perform better in mobile search results.
  • Having fast-loading content is still helpful for those looking at ways to perform better for mobile and desktop users.
  • As always, ranking uses many factors. We may show content to users that’s not mobile-friendly or that is slow loading if our many other signals determine it is the most relevant content to show.

5 Identify exactly what you want users to do on your website

When someone visits your website for the first time, does not have a full idea of what is inside or what is the topic of your website. You need to guide him or her to a clear Call to Action (CTA) and tell them, what they have to do when they are visiting your website.

Do you want them to see your online shop? Do you want them to register to your online email list or newsletter?

A clear call to action should be obvious and a clear message should be shown on the first page.

6 Adjust Google Adwords campaigns for the mobile users

As you probably know, you can take a look at the search volume on mobile for the keywords you target. Also you can use mobile trends and create two Google Adwords campaigns instead of one.

One campaign will be for the mobile users and the second campaign will be for the desktop users. By having two seperate campaigns you can track better the click through rate and use different keywords for every target group.

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  • Hey JOHN…
    When your website has an old or obsolete web design, and it is not possible to redesign it from scratch, you should at least use friendly practices for mobile devices.
    Having optimized content for mobile devices is still useful for those looking for ways to get better results in mobile search.
    Having fast-loading content is still useful for those looking for ways to get better results for users of mobile and desktop devices.As always, the classification uses many factors. We can show content to users that is not compatible with mobile devices or that is slow to load if our many other signals determine that it is the most relevant content to display. I have really enjoyed your shared nice piece of content with us. .. Actually, can you give an idea to design and develop a mobile comparison website but know, its not an easy job to collect mobiles data. A lot of time and cost is required to build such a website and I don’t want to spend a lot of money as I am new in this field. My colleague has recommended me RevGlue for this purpose as this a uk base registered company and are providing mobiles and its deals data for UK only with the name of RevEmbed technology as I have read its blog but I am a little bit confused as its a newborn company. Anyone, have experience with RevGlue. Guide me guys in this respect. Waiting for your kind response. Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for sharing all of your experiences!


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